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Fetovaia Beach

Added on: 27-May-2018
Views: 7882
Uploaded by: 2018 Elbalike

Fetovaia Beach - Island of Elba -

In this video we can admire the Fetovaia which is part of the Campo nell'Elba in the south area of ​​the'Elba island; another one wonderful beach, perhaps one of the most famous and popular.

Enchanting, with its crystalline waters and protected by a promontory called "tip of Fetovaia ", the latter protects the beach and the numerous boats that here find a wonderful location to stop.

The tip of Fetovaia it is a spectacular promontory, covered by a vast pine forest, composed of compact granite; its waters are suitable for snorkeling but you can do some wonderful things diving fino ad arrivare ad una profondità di circa 50 metri, con grotte ,praterie di posidonia gorgonie rosse e una vasta fauna marina, pesce azzurro, barracuda, aragoste, dentici ecc...

The beach of Fetovaia it is about 300mt long and well sheltered from the winds, it is composed of golden sand end of granitic origin this makes the water of a turquoise and transparent color making the latter a paradise.

Thanks to the shallow water it is gradual and suitable for the whole family.


Bars, Restaurants. Hotels, bathing establishments, boat rentals, various kinds.

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Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (2011) license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/admiralbob3.0/77 Ft: snowflake

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