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Seccheto Beach

Added on: 20-Jun-2018
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Uploaded by: 2018 Elbalike

Seccheto Beach - Island of Elba -

In this video you can admire the location of Seccheto , forming part of the municipality of Field nell'Elba, located in the west part ofElba island; This fraction is part of the "coast of the sun " .

Seccheto born in the post-war period, passing from a few farmers' warehouses to a real one settlement in a stable plant

The beach is formed by granular sand with a large percentage of quartz formed with the erosion of the massif granite forming the overlying valley.

The first tourists came to Seccheto per fare i “bagni di sabbia”, praticamente si ricoprivano di sabbia riscaldata dal sole per curare i reumatismi.


The areas of interest, in addition to the beach, are beautiful cliff which extends both on the right side and the left side suitable for the tan and the snorkeling, where you can admire the stupendous backdrop thanks to the crystalline water; from the east side you reach the sea caves of the With what and from the west side you reach the caloncino (piccolo porticciolo per l'approdo di piccole imbarcazioni), dopo troviamo la scogliera frastagliata che forma delle vasche dove si può ammirare diversi tipi di shells;Di seguito troviamo la Gravel beach, composed of boulders of rounded granite pebbles, after which you arrive at swimming pools, pools formed as a result of the mining activity of the granite and then filled with water. Continuing we admire the rocks of the Calle, suitable for sunbathing fishing and above all tranquility.


La storia di questo luogo è molto antica, qui si insediarono Etruschi che in queste zone estraevano il ferro con appositi forni; Sulla spiaggia potremmo trovare le cosi dette spugne di ferro che altro non sono che residui della suddetta lavorazione.

In the first century, the extraction of granite by the ancient Romans left numerous evidences of mining activity on the territory.

Later the quarries were reopened under the dominion of the Elba, by the Pisan Republic, the testimonies of the mining activity are everywhere, column along the road that leads to the small town of Vallebuia, sea ​​caves of the basins in the extreme point east of the Gulf of Seccheto

On the overlying heights there are even older evidences, such as the megalithic site of the "flat of corkers " with various burials and menir of the era Villanova.


Seccheto It has Hotethe apartments , B & B, restaurants ,bar, food , cash machine, Tabacchino Newsstand and various kinds,Pharmacy , Oven, ice cream shop e establishment bathing.


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Test Drive by Zapac (c) copyright 2010 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. http://dig.ccmixter.org/files/Zapac/26047

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